Getting Started

Your hosting account allows you to stream video and audio on a live or on-demand basis.


Use the online file manager in your account area to access your storage area. In the main menu of your account, click the option 'On-Demand' that appears under the 'Manage Content' heading. The file manager allows you to securely upload supported file types ready for immediate streaming.


Your account allows you to create multiple live streams, also known as publishing points. You can think of these like TV channels showing independent content.

To begin streaming to a publishing point, you first need to create a stream entry within your account. Access the live content management area of your account. A new publishing point will be generated along with a unique key so that only authorised users can publish. You can modify the automatically generated authorisation key if you wish.

When you're ready to begin broadcasting your newly created stream, you'll need to connect to our network using your encoding software solution, such as Flash Media Live Encoder. For more details about setting up a live stream, see our live streaming setup guide.

This page was last updated on 7/2/12