Usage Allowance

What is a 'streaming hour'?

One streaming hour constitutes the delivery of one full hour of video or audio content. It could be a single viewer watching a one hour video, or 20 viewers watching 3 minutes of video.

To give you an idea of projecting your total hours used in one month, if your account has 1,000 viewing hours, you can sustain an average of approximately 1.3 simultaneous viewers at all times.

We measure usage in hours because it removes the complexity otherwise apparent when dealing with different bitrates and bandwidth measurements.

What happens if I exceed my usage allowance?

We monitor your hosting usage daily and will send you notifications by email when your usage approaches its limit including your storage usage and your streaming hours remaining. We do not automatically charge if you exceed your usage allowance but will contact you to discuss your usage.

What is the most number of people I can stream to simultaneously?

We do not cap the number of simultaneous users that can connect to a stream. However, if you do expect a usage spike that is different to your usual expectations, you should contact us in advance so we can allocate additional capacity to you and avoid interruption to your service.

This page was last updated on 9/2/12